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How do you get your mortgage business to profitability?

Mortgage ProfitAbility (formerly known as Majestic Consulting) was founded to help train and educate Mortgage industry CEOs and Branch Managers on how to build a World-Class Mortgage Company.

Our 1 on 1 confidential approach helps them to understand and achieve operational excellence as well as build a profitable culture that creates a customer and employee experience that is second to none.

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We closely work with business owners to, first, understand the details of their business, how they operate, what they do, and what changes need to be made to maximize profitability. After all, we wouldn’t expect to offer a solution to a problem without first knowing about your business.

From there, we’ve created tools that help identify the areas of your business that may be holding you back and highlight the areas we can further develop.

We’ve taught some of the largest and fastest growing mortgage corporations a simpler and easier way to read and understand their P&L through our “Business Blood Pressure” system.

Most of the time, what we see is that the CFO and the CEO can understand the P&L. The difficulty lies in the fact that the people who can fix it, the Branch Managers, don’t understand it.

We believe that the real-time numbers, converted to a simple easy to understand template, leads to a healthy profitable organization.

Our 3 Step Process


Clarify Your numbers – We convert the complex P&L into a simple language your team can understand.

Step 2

See How You Compare to Your Peers - We'll share how you rank as compared to over 3100 other P&Ls we've seen, all without compromising yours or others confidentiality.

Step 3

Troubleshoot Your Weaknesses - We'll expose any blind spots you might not be seeing and advise you on how to plug any profit leaks.



At my previous company we hired Tom to teach our p&l based branches profitability. Every one of them saw an immediate impact on their P&L.

Tom E.

When Tom introduced the Profitability platform it struck me as a way of running your business like a grown up. Of course, at that point in time, my business wasn't quite ready to take on the challenges of adulthood. You will use Tom's Profitability platform to run your business. You'll either do it now or you'll do it when you start your next business after this one has collapsed. I feel that strongly about it.

Dean Harrington

What Tom has done with business Blood Pressure is simplify my financials, in real time, so at a quick glance I can recognize when my business starts to drift off course.

Brooke Anderson

Tom Ward is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to improve the profitability, operations or marketing department of the company. He has a very quick mind and can see through whatever clutter is holding a company back. He is also very adept at packaging a marketing concept and bringing it to market. You will also have a great time working with Tom!

Dave Gallegos
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